Final Connection

Through the help of the internet and social media I have connected with Coryn and she made it obviously clear that she is not going to engage in any type of relationships at the moment. I apologized to her about sharing the intimate details of our encounter however I wanted to give as much information as I could to find the person who I was looking for and outside of the intimate connection there wasn’t much else I could share.

I want to thank those who helped me connect with her. It was a shot in the blue and it worked. Too bad the results didn’t end up with a fairy tale ending.

Day 3 Alone

The remainder of the night I spent alone in my room wondering if I would ever see Corinne again. I wish that I could have a confirmation that she did not want to see me. So thus began an urge to somehow to connect with her to ask her “Could we see each other again”. During that night I thought about how I could every find a needle in the haystack to ask her that question. Each time came back to posting a plead on internet and thus here I am, in hopes that she may have shared her story with one of her gfs who may stumble onto this page. Please feel free to share my story.

Day 3 Intimacy

Sex was amazing with Corinne. She has the perfect body to my personal taste. She’s 5’5 and likely around 120lbs. Slim but not anorexic. Her chest is a modest 32ish around B cup and has proportionate nipple size. Even with her slimness there is subtle curves to her body. Shes keeps her body in good shape. Her brunette hair lays down to her breast. Her skin colour is very light as she described she isn’t a big fan of sun tanning.

She’s quite quiet in bed until she orgasms where she lets out some gentle moans. She liked the riding position a lot as she grind me until orgasm where she let me know “Rich … Im cumming”. I’m below average size but she still felt very tight and it didn’t take her much time to pleasure. Since I have been on a little dry spell I was afraid I would cum too quickly. I did the first time we had sex. I only lasted 10 minutes. But I was determine to make it up longer after resting for 20 or so minutes after cuddling with her.

During the time we talked about where we were in our relationships. She mentioned that she was recently single from a long term relationship and wasn’t really looking. She went through a few months of depression after finding out her bf was cheating on her while he was on his work trips around the world. This guy was supposedly some famous guy she said. Currently (of late past couple months), she wanted to concentrate on her career which I took a note as us getting into something more serious may not be something we could work on. I also told her I just was broken up from my ex who also cheated on me. I told her I wasn’t sure I was ready for a relationship so quickly after but I told Corinne “I like you and would want to get to know you more”. She smiled.

On the second go at sex, I returned oral favour and she orgasm to that. I didn’t notice on the first sex experience but on the second one I could see that she doesn’t do this much or expect to hook up as she wasn’t groomed down there. The girls who do groom a lot, I know they are looking for sex but Corinne wasn’t and it made her a little more attractive to me. After enjoying the oral treatment, she then proceeded to get me hard by giving me a good rub and on top she went again. This time she enjoyed a couple more positions as I could last quite a bit longer and finally I pulled out and came outside of her again. By now it was just around dinner time. I asked if she was hungry and she said no. We cuddled again and this time we fell into a nap. I woke up a little in hour into the nap to adjust positions and notice her beauty. I feel back to sleep, believing in this blissful moment.

By the time I woke up which was around 2.5 hours into napping, I woke up to being alone in the bed. I had thought maybe she was in the washroom so I laid there for 10 minutes when I decided to get up to check where she was, I found a note on the night table. She had LEFT and I was shocked and sadden. The note say “Rich, Thank You for a wonderful time. Corinne” A heart shape was drawn beside her name.

At this point I had realized we had not exchanged contact even. I didn’t even know her full name. Seriously what am I to do. I at least wanted to see her again.

Day 3 After Drinks

I have been in the single’s game before and I honestly wasn’t looking for company here. Corinne seems special, there was something about her that was intriguing to me. On the elevator ride up to my room, we talked about what we could watch on Netflix. She said she was watching Stranger Things and I said I wouldn’t mind to watch some of that with her. She asked to use the washroom when we got in the room and as soon as I heard the shower turn on, I knew what she wanted to happen.

Ok up to this point, I really liked this girl more than just getting physical with her. I don’t know if I would be able to turn down this because I wanted this to develop into something more serious. She came out in a towel wrapped around her body and walked towards me. I had Netflix set up at this point and connected to the TV but she was obviously NOT interested in any of that. She reached around me to close the blinds as it was still day time and now the room was darken without minimal light coming through the blinds and a  little from the black Netflix screen which she also turned off.

Corinne reaches for my pant button to unbutton it while she comes in to kiss. We immediately fall onto the bed.


Day 3 Late Lunch and Drinks

Her name is Corinne and I honestly haven’t met anyone like her. She’s has a really positive upbeat outlook on life.

We walk and talk back to my car which wasn’t park too far away from the festival. We continue to chat at many different topics. At this point I am thrilled the way this day turned out. Little do I know this is only the tip of the iceberg of what was yet to come. We learn more and more about each other. The car ride to the restaurant 20 minutes away but seemed like 2 minutes. Before I knew it we were waiting to be seated. She had chosen the restaurant as she is more familiar with the area after all I don’t live in Waterloo. She said this Sushi restaurant was one of her favourite and I can see why. Everything we ordered delicious and the drinks were good. We had a light buzz after the meal and I obviously took up the bill (Well we should thank RIM because I expense that and it wasn’t a small bill). She offered to pay half but of course I wouldn’t let her. Although she was unemployed she did make some small income from a part time job she had. She didn’t let me know exactly what she did but said it was like contract work for the video game industry. Nevertheless I shall and will always take up first date bills … if you could consider this a first date.

I didn’t want this to end, she said she could get home from here but I asked if she wouldn’t mind to have another drink. I was staying at the Delta Hotel and there was a nice lounge in there serving. I told her I wasn’t going to head back to Toronto until Sunday morning. She was happy to join me. We dropped off my gifts in my room and proceeded for drinks at the lounge. By the end of that she had another 4 rum and cokes and I had a few glasses of scotch.

We were all tipsy and laughing. I knew at this point she was attracted to me as she leaned over to me a couple times and there was some very minor physical flirting.

Day 3 Elmira Maple Syrup Festival

As I wonder the festival alone, I find a few take home gifts for my parents. The cancellation of my suppose date turned out fine because its been a while since I have been out in the public all by myself. You appreciate things a bit more in detail when you have more time to reflect by yourself. I wasn’t rushed for any time or didn’t have to accommodate to anyone. While walking back to my rental car, I turned a corner and gently bumped into this young woman.

“I’m sorry, I should have paid a bit more attention turning that corner.” I embarrassingly uttered. As she soon got over the shock of being bumped and began to make eye contact during my apology, I get a full picture of what a beautiful woman I just ran into. I was taken away by her eyes.

“No problem.” She replied.

“Are you ok?” Me

“Yes I think so” Her

I looked to see if she was with a companion but she seem to be by herself like me. I continue to observe her beauty … she had long brunette hair, tied up in a pony tail, a natural look with no make up (or if there was I couldn’t tell), a slim figure and 5’5 tall. I offer up my assistance to her car or whereever she was going to make sure she was ok. She replied “Thanks but I’m ok, I’m just heading to get some Coffee.”

“Would you be willing to let me pay for your coffee?” and to my surprise she responded “You don’t have to but thank you.” We begin towards the direction of the store and I quickly get the door for her. She smiles and says “Thank you.” I purchase two coffees and I ask her if she wants to sit and make sure shes not injured. She sits down but immediately says she’s really ok. At this point rather than seem too desperate, I make a statement to gauge her status. “I’m not sure if you or a significant other would mind if I finish my coffee with you and got to know you a little bit” and luck be it “Sure that’s ok and I don’t have a boyfriend”

We chat over our coffee and conversation was smooth. She told me a little about herself and as did I. She was visiting her parents place in the morning and on the way back home herself. She is an inspiring digital artist who is currently unemployed. She talked about also being recently single also from a long term relationship and I explained how I recently broke up with my ex also. The vibe I was getting from her was good and even though she told me she was an introvert, she seemed nothing like that with me. As our coffee was nearing the end and I didn’t want this to go nowhere. I asked since she didn’t have lunch yet if she would be interested in having a late lunch with me and she AGREED!

Day 3 Morning

I woke up a 30 minutes past my intended wake up time. Before I went to bed I drank almost a whole 1L bottle of water. This is my go to method to ensure I have very little hang over. To my surprise, my coworker also slept in an hour later than me. By this time I was already ready to meet him and his wife. It was then he had sent a text that they wouldn’t be going and that I am to have fun on a date with his wife’s friend. He forward me over her contact. I sent a text over to her confirming the date at the Maple Syrup festival in Elmira and offered a ride there. She confirmed but mentioned she would uber or cab there. Which I understand. I mean if you haven’t seen a person and know nothing about them, how can you feel comfortable riding in a car with them. We agreed to meet at the festival in 2 hours. I was already ready so I figure I head there first and get some brunch.

During my meal, I get a text from her that she is going to cancel. Her excuse was that she wasn’t feeling well. My coworker also messages me to appologize about this whole situation. I told him it was ok. I would just visit the festival, pick up some souvenirs for my parents and head back to hotel to check out. That was the last I heard from him.

And thus this begins the most wonderful day I’ve ever had.


Day 2

Another day of meetings and briefings on quarterly and annual goals. On a part of the agenda was the expectation of our department which was completely unrealistic. Which upper management finally understood as they lacked understanding of our day to day operations of a remote office which they have little knowledge of.

This was originally the day I was suppose to head home but my coworker took me out that night and RIM extended all my expenses which was nice of upper management. They called it team bonding. My coworkers friend joined us that night. We had quite a few drinks and by the end of the night, we ended up at a bar where more drinks were had. I met a group of ladies at the bar. I could tell one who was interested in me as she kept flirting with me. I found out after she went for a bathroom break that she was married so I stayed away the rest of the night.

Ended up cabbing back to my hotel alone, but had plans to get to Elmira the next day for what was suppose to be an unofficial date with my coworker’s wife’s friend.

Day 1

Normally the trips to Waterloo don’t require overnight stay but since I live like 1.5hours drive from the Office, I didn’t really want to make do like 6 hours of transportation over the next two days. Especially since RIM offered to cover my transportation and accommodation the next two days. My boss was doing the same as he lived almost 2.5 hours east of the office in Waterloo. Meetings were good throughout the day. I normally don’t see the faces of the people I talk to as the head office is in Waterloo and we work remotely in Toronto. Without going into much detail, we were productive and some of the management there invited my boss and I out for dinner and drinks that evening. We had some good food and a few bottles of wine that night. A Senior Manager whom is about the same age I asked me if I was interested in going up to a Maple Syrup festival in Elmira with him and his gf and her friend(who was single). I guess I had inadvertently mentioned that I was single during that dinner.  He also said that he would have my expenses written off over the weekend. I agreed.


Prior to Day 1

At the beginning of this year I was promoted. I have been with RIM for 5 years up to this point and enjoyed working for them. I am legally not allowed to disclose my employment activities and thus for the sake of unintentionally disclosing confidential information I will try not to post about my employment. In February, my boss, had informed me that we would be visiting the office in Waterloo which I seldom visit. He had given me enough notice that I didn’t have anything planned during that week. It was only a 2 day trip. Everything was planned out by RIM, I only had to show up on Thursday where a rental car would be awaiting for me to drive to Waterloo.

I had let my parents know that I would be heading out of town a couple weeks prior to the work trip. I am single and on occasion they will check in on me from time to time. However I didn’t want them to expect me or get surprised if they tried to visit me at my condo. They made a plan to have lunch on the Sunday that weekend which I tentatively agreed to.